Why is static voltage stabilizer so popular?
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Why is static voltage stabilizer so popular?

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Voltage stabilizer is ideal equipment for voltage regulation and has become a necessity in many applications. Why static voltage stabilizer can be popular with the public? What is the difference between a servo stabilizer and a static stabilizer?

  • What is the definition of voltage stabilizer?

  • What is the role of the voltage stabilizer?

  • The difference between servo stabilizer and static voltage stabilizer

static voltage stabilizer

What is the definition of voltage stabilizer?

A voltage stabilizer can be defined as an electrical device used to provide a constant voltage to a load at the terminal at which it is generated without fear of fluctuations in the input power voltage. It protects other electrical equipment from overvoltage, undervoltage and other voltage surges. It is also known as an automatic voltage stabilizer. Basically, a voltage stabilizer balances fluctuating input voltage before it reaches the load/appliance. Generally, the output voltage of single-phase power supply is within the range of 220v or 230v. For three-phase power supplies, the output range is 380V to 400V. This balance is accomplished by the step-down and step-up functions performed by internal circuits.

What is the role of the voltage stabilizer?

1. The function of voltage stabilizer is to provide constant voltage current for ac, TV, refrigerator and other electrical equipment, to prevent voltage fluctuation caused by damage. The voltage stabilizer operates on the principle of a transformer in which the input current is connected to the primary winding and the output is received from the secondary winding. When the input voltage drops, it activates the electromagnetic relay and increases the number of turns in the secondary winding, thus providing a higher voltage to compensate for the loss of output voltage. The opposite happens when the input voltage is increased, so the voltage on the output side is almost unaffected.

2. The difference between servo stabilizer and static voltage stabilizer

3. The servo stabilizer works on a servo mechanism. The clockwise and counterclockwise motion proposed by the servomotor is mainly to correct voltage imbalance. Static stabilizers work electronically - based on microprocessor and IGBT technology, it can adjust voltage control.

4. The servo stabilizer has an autotransformer that increases or decreases the voltage level depending on the primary and secondary windings. Furthermore, this controls the movement of the shaft so that the movement of the servo motor can control the voltage. So the stability depends on the reliability of the servo motor. In static regulators, voltage correction is based on the reliability of IGBT power levels. But, frankly, IGBT circuits are more reliable than servo motors. Therefore, compared with static voltage stabilizer, servo voltage stabilizer has higher reliability.

5. Static voltage stabilizer with digital signal processor and other advanced means, can automatically sense voltage fluctuations and immediate correction, to protect electrical appliances from short circuit and overcurrent. They do not need any additional hardware components to ensure protection. However, in the case of the servo stabilizer, additional components such as MCB and MCCB are required. Therefore, static stabilizers have a higher level of protection than servo stabilizers.

6. The servo stabilizers are a little loud, but the static stabilizers operate quietly. Therefore, electrostatic stabilizers are more suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Therefore, if you are looking for a stabilizer for indoor applications, it is a good idea to check this sound level and choose the right model.

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