Why do you need a voltage stabilizer for home?
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Why do you need a voltage stabilizer for home?

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Voltage stabilizer is essential for home electrical safety. Why do you need a voltage stabilizer for home? Is a home voltage stabilizer necessary?

  • What is a voltage stabilizer?

  • What are the types of voltage stabilizers?

  • Why do you need a home voltage stabilizer?

  • How to choose a voltage stabilizer for my home?

 voltage stabilizer for home

What is a voltage stabilizer?

It is an electrical appliance designed to provide a constant voltage to a load at its output terminals regardless of changes in the input or input supply voltage. It protects equipment or machine from overvoltage, undervoltage and other voltage surges. It is also known as an automatic voltage stabilizer (AVR). Voltage stabilizers are the first choice for expensive and valuable electrical equipment to protect them from harmful low/high voltage fluctuations. Some of the equipment is air conditioning, offset printing presses, laboratory equipment, industrial machinery and medical instruments.

Voltage stabilizers regulate fluctuating input voltage before feeding it to loads (or equipment sensitive to voltage changes). Within a given range of input voltage fluctuations, the output voltage of the regulator will remain within the range of 220V or 230V in the case of single-phase supply and 380V or 400V in the case of three-phase supply. The adjustment is carried out by step-down and step-up operations performed by internal circuits. A wide variety of automatic voltage stabilizers are available on the market today. Depending on the type of application and the required capacity (KVA) requirements, these units can be single-phase or three-phase units. Three-phase voltage stabilizer has balanced load model and unbalanced load model two versions. These can be used either as a dedicated unit for an appliance or as a large stabilizer unit for an entire appliance in a specific place, such as an entire house. In addition, these can be analog or digital type stabilizer units.

What are the types of voltage stabilizers?

Common types of regulators include manual or switchable regulators, automatic relay regulators, solid or static regulators and servo control regulators. In addition to the voltage stabilizer function, most regulators also have input/output low voltage cut-off, input/output high voltage cut-off, overload cut-off, output start and stop function, manual/automatic start, voltage cut-off display, zero voltage switch and other additional functions, and so on.

Why do you need a home voltage stabilizer?

In general, each electrical device or device is designed for a wide range of input voltages. Depending on the sensitivity, the operating range of the device is limited to a specific value, for example, some devices can withstand ±10% of the rated voltage, while others can withstand ±5% or less. Voltage fluctuations (increases or decreases in rated voltage amplitude) are common in many areas, especially at terminal lines. The most common causes of voltage fluctuations are lighting, electrical failures, wiring errors and periodic shutdowns of equipment. These fluctuations can cause accidents to electrical equipment or appliances.

How to choose a voltage stabilizer for my home?

Since the role of stabilizer is varied, it is necessary to choose a suitable one. In this regard, you should consider the following aspects -- the power consumption range of the device to be protected and the voltage fluctuation level in your area. We assume that you live in India and your home voltage is 230 VAC. To get the maximum power output, first multiply 230 times the maximum current rating (in amperes) for each electrical device you own, and add a 20-25% buffer. You should find out the power requirements of the device to be connected to the stabilizer. This includes knowing how much power each device consumes. You also need to consider the appliance's power factor (0.8 is normal).

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