What types of voltage stabilizers are there?
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What types of voltage stabilizers are there?

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Voltage stabilizers embrace large-scale AC voltage stabilizers of tens to thousands of kilowatts, that are power sources for large-scale experiments, industrial, and medical instrumentation. There are also small AC voltage regulators of several watts to several kilowatts, which provide high-quality power for small laboratories or household appliances. According to the various output properties of the voltage stabilizer, the voltage stabilizer is usually divided into two categories: AC voltage stabilizer (AC stable power supply) and DC voltage stabilizer (DC stable power supply). The following focuses on the DC stabilized power supply, referred to as the stabilized power supply. According to the operating state of the regulator tube, the regulated power provide is commonly divided into two categories: linear regulated power provide and shift regulated power provide. additionally, there's a tiny low power provide that uses a transformer tube.

AC voltage stabilizer

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l Switching regulator

l Voltage stabilizer for laser cutting machine

Switching regulator

The shift regulator uses the output stage to repeatedly switch the "on" and "off" states, associate degreed in conjunction with the energy storage elements (capacitors and inductors) to supply an output voltage. Its adjustment is realized by adjusting the switching timing according to the feedback sample of the output voltage. In a fixed-frequency regulator, the switching timing is adjusted by adjusting the pulse width of the switching voltage, which is the so-called PWM control. In a gated generator or pulse mode regulator, the dimension and frequency of the shift pulse stay constant, however, the "on" or "off" of the output switch is controlled by feedback.

According to the arrangement of switches and energy storage elements, the output voltage generated is often larger or but the input voltage, and a transformer are often wont to generate multiple output voltages. In most cases, below a similar input voltage and output voltage necessities, pulse (buck) switch regulators are additional economical than linear regulators to convert power. Compensation sort-High-precision AC compensation type regulated power provide (single-phase zero.5kVA and higher than, three-phase one.5kVA and above) encompasses a compensation electrical device and 110V output.

Voltage stabilizer for laser cutting machine

According to the use requirements of high-power laser cutting machines, combined with the current situation of my country's power supply, we should strictly formulate a voltage stabilizer that meets the use of optical maser cutting machines, associate degreed an energy-saving product specially developed for helpful AC voltage. When the facility offer voltage of the distribution network fluctuates or the load changes, it will mechanically make sure the stability of the output voltage. It should have the characteristics of huge capability, high potency, wide voltage stabilization vary, no further undulation distortion and part shift, quick strain time, and stability. The voltage stabilizer has perfect alarm protection functions such as short-circuit, mechanical failure, etc., and the volume should be as compact as possible and easy to use.

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