What is the structure of the AC voltage stabilizer?
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What is the structure of the AC voltage stabilizer?

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AC voltage stabilizer is certainly a lot of types, the main circuit works differently, but basically (except for AC parameter regulators) are input switching sampling circuit, control circuit, voltage regulation devise, output protection device, driver, display, and composition.

AC voltage stabilizer

Here is the content list:

l Input switch

l Voltage stabilizer

l Sampling circuit

l Driving device

l Driver protection device

l Control circuit

Input switch

Input switches as the voltage stabilizer input work switch, are generally used to limit the current protection of the air switch type mini-break switch, which can play a protective role for the regulator and power equipment.

Voltage stabilizer

A voltage stabilizer is a device that can adjust the output voltage, it can increase or decrease the output voltage is the most important part of the regulator.

Sampling circuit

It detects the output voltage and current of the regulator and transmits the output voltage change to the control circuit.

Driving device

As the control circuit control signal is weak, so the needs to use the driver for power amplification and conversion.

Driver protection device

A device that connects and disconnects the output of the regulator, generally used relays or contactors or fuses, etc.

Control circuit

It will sample the circuit detection model for analysis, when the output voltage is high, then the driver will send a control signal to reduce the voltage, then the driver will drive the voltage regulator to lower the output voltage, when the output voltage is low, then the driver will send a control signal to increase the voltage, then the driver will drive the voltage regulator to raise the output voltage, and the output voltage is stable to achieve the purpose of stable output.

When the output voltage or current is detected to be outside the control range of the regulator. The control circuit will control the output protection device to disconnect the output and protect the power equipment, and in normal times the output protection device is connected to the output, the power equipment can get a stable voltage supply.

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