What is the characteristic of triac voltage stabilizer
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What is the characteristic of triac voltage stabilizer

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For example, voltage stabilizer is common equipment in family life. What is the advantage of triac voltage stabilizer? Why is triac voltage stabilizer used for refrigerators?

Why do refrigerators need triac voltage stabilizer?

What are the advantages of triac voltage stabilizer?

How does the voltage regulator protect your appliances?

triac voltage stabilizer

Why do refrigerators need triac voltage stabilizer?

The technical documentation for the refrigerator indicates that the allowable operating voltage range is 220-240V. Moreover, the manufacturer can only guarantee uninterrupted operation of the equipment if this condition is met. Therefore, although the refrigerator is within the warranty period, the manufacturer also refused to assume the obligation of free warranty service because of overvoltage and failure. Due to low network voltage, the compressor will not start, which means the device will not work. But high voltages are full of expensive nodes that burn out. In the risk areas, electronic components that are particularly sensitive to power quality, as well as components for THE NAU-Frost system and motor compressors.

Constant power surge and long-time drop in network are the main causes of premature wear of compressor. Due to long-term low voltage operation, motor winding overheating, insulation breakdown, turn to turn short circuit. The engine will not start because the network does not have the necessary values. In addition, the long-term effects of I start can cause the motor windings to overheat and subsequently burn. Many times, the compressor will stop working after a short power outage (a few seconds). The stabilizers will protect against all of these costly failures. In order for the device in question to truly protect the device, special attention must be paid to selection. Not all appliances are suitable. The choice of device takes into account the operational characteristics of the device (example calculations are discussed below).

What are the advantages of triac voltage stabilizer?

1. The bidirectional SCR stabilizer uses a bidirectional SCR switch winding. This does not include oxidation and clicking of contacts, which is ecstatic. Bidirectional SCR stabilizers are by far the most reliable and durable, with a low error (no more than 3%).

2. If the voltage surges frequently - this is the best option for protecting the refrigerator. The only drawback of this type of device is its high price compared to relays and electromechanical type stabilizers.

How does the voltage regulator protect your appliances?

Regulators (often called automatic and safety voltage regulators) are static devices used to stabilize your utility voltage before feeding into connected equipment. It identifies voltage fluctuations in your utility and adjusts them internally to provide a consistent output voltage range when your utility voltage is low; Your stabilizer senses it, raises it to the required voltage level, and feeds it into the connected device to work properly. If high voltage is present in the utility line, vice versa.

The stabilizer accomplishes this by using an electronic circuit that, with the help of a high-quality electromagnetic relay, changes the taps required by the built-in automatic transformer to generate the desired voltage. If the voltage to be supplied is not in this range, a mechanism switches the required transformer taps so that the voltage supply is within the safe range. Thus, the stabilizer acts as a safety barrier between your equipment and the utility by continuously monitoring and stabilizing voltage fluctuations that occur in the utility. It ensures that your valuable equipment receives a consistent stable voltage range as its input for trouble-free operation and long service life.

Carefully selected and appropriate voltage regulators can prevent unwanted voltage fluctuations from entering your appliances, improving the performance of your home and extending the life of your appliances. If you are looking for a supplier of triac voltage stabilizer with good quality and reasonable price, Zhejiang TTN Electric Co., Ltd. is a very good choice.

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