What are the types of AC voltage stabilizers?
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What are the types of AC voltage stabilizers?

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AC voltage stabilizer is widely used, more types can be broadly divided into the following six types.

Here is the content list:

l Ferrous resonant AC voltage stabilizer

l Magnetic amplifier type AC voltage stabilizer

l Sliding-type AC voltage stabilizer

l Induction type AC voltage stabilizer

l Thyristor AC voltage stabilizer

l Relay type AC voltage stabilizer

AC voltage stabilizer

Ferrous resonant AC voltage stabilizer

Ferromagnetic resonant AC voltage stabilizer using saturated choke and the corresponding combination of capacitors with constant voltage voltammetric characteristics and made of AC voltage regulator. Magnetic saturation type is the early typical structure of this regulator. It is simple in structure, easy to manufacture, the input voltage allows a wide range of variation, reliable operation, and strong overload capacity. But the waveform distortion is large, the stability is not high. The recent development of the voltage regulator transformer, but also with the help of electromagnetic components of the nonlinearity of the power supply device to achieve the role of voltage regulation. The difference between it and the magnetic saturation regulator is the difference in the form of magnetic circuit structure, while the basic working principle is the same. It is better than ordinary power transformers and magnetic saturation regulators because it achieves both voltage regulation and voltage transformation in one core.

Magnetic amplifier type AC voltage stabilizer

The magnetic amplifier type AC voltage stabilizer is a device that connects a magnetic amplifier and an autotransformer in series and uses electronic circuits to change the impedance of the magnetic amplifier to stabilize the output voltage. The circuit form can be linear amplification, or pulse width modulation, etc. These regulators have a closed-loop system with feedback control, so the stability is high and the output waveform is well. However, the recovery time is long because the magnetic amplifier with high inertia is used, and because of the use of auto transfer mode, so the anti-interference ability is poor.

Sliding-type AC voltage stabilizer

Sliding AC voltage stabilizer with changing the position of the transformer sliding contact, so that the output voltage to obtain a stable device, that is, a servo motor-driven automatic voltage regulator AC regulator. These regulators are highly efficient, have good output voltage waveform, no special requirements for the nature of the load. However, the stability is low and the recovery time is long.

Induction type AC voltage stabilizer

Induction AC voltage stabilizer relies on changing the phase difference between the secondary voltage of the transformer and the primary voltage so that the output AC voltage to obtain a stable device. It is similar in structure to the wire-wound asynchronous motor, and the principle is similar to the induction regulator. It has a wide range of voltage stabilization, good output voltage waveform, and the power can be hundreds of kilowatts. However, because the rotor is often in a blocked state, so the power consumption is large, low in efficiency, another because of copper, iron materials, so less production.

Thyristor AC voltage stabilizer

Thyristor AC voltage stabilizer with thyristor as the power adjustment element of the AC voltage regulator. It has the advantages of high stability, fast response, no noise, etc. However, because of the mains waveform damage to communications equipment and electronic equipment interference.

Relay type AC voltage stabilizer

Relay type AC voltage stabilizer with a relay for adjusting the winding of the autotransformer AC voltage stabilizer. It has a wide range of voltage regulation, fast response time, low production costs, and other advantages. It is used in street lighting and more remote home use.

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