Voltage stabilizer for air conditioner information
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Voltage stabilizer for air conditioner information

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In the hot summer, the frequency of use of many appliances will be higher, such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc., and this time due to the peak of electricity, there will be many places where the external network voltage is relatively low, there may be no way to start the air conditioning situation, at this time, many families will think of using air conditioning regulators, then, air conditioning regulators are useful?  We should be how to buy an air conditioning stabilizer? And, after purchase, how should be installed? Here we will come together to understand.


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Voltage stabilizer for an air conditioner is useful?

l How to buy an air conditioning regulator?

l How to install the air conditioning regulator?


Voltage stabilizer for an air conditioner is useful?


Unless the grid voltage is extremely low, the regulator is generally very effective. Now the voltage stabilizers generally have a regulator function, both to 220V.  But first to determine is too low voltage, if it is determined that the voltage problem can be solved by installing a voltage regulator. The role of the voltage stabilizer is to stabilize the too high or too low voltage at 220V. the voltage regulator according to the power of your electrical equipment to choose, to choose greater than the rated power of your home air conditioner (air conditioning manuals are marked) voltage regulator to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioner. The price of the voltage stabilizer is the greater the power the more expensive it is.


How to buy an air conditioning regulator?


1. Calculate the power of the voltage stabilizer: the main load of the air conditioner for the compressor, so it belongs to the motor class load, the motor in the instant start current is very large, although many air conditioners are now inverter start, in the start current is still very large, then voltage stabilizer for home is equipped with a working margin, if the air conditioner is 2KW, the regulator is best by 3 times the power, with 6KW regulator. How to calculate the power of the air conditioner, the general air conditioner has 1P, 1.5P, 2P, 3P, 1P = 0.75KW, we can calculate according to this.


2. Voltage stabilizer power factor, 80% of the current market regulator is 0.7, 20% of the regulator power factor is 0.8, what does it mean? Is 10KVA regulator, the actual output power x 0.7 = 7KW


3. Summer in the use of voltage stabilizers is mostly due to low voltage outside the network, then in the selection of voltage regulators to pay attention to leave a working margin, the actual load generally do not exceed 80% of the regulator power, why?


Let's calculate to know, the external network voltage 220V: 6000W/220V = 27A (current), the external network voltage 170V: 6000W/170V = 35.3A (current), after comparing can see that the input voltage is low when the current is larger, and the transformer inside the voltage regulator wire diameter is fixed, low voltage when the current to bear much larger.


4. By the above method of calculation: 2KW air conditioning X2 times = 4KW, here the air conditioning power multiplied by 2 because the compressor of the air conditioner instant starts currently; 4KW / 0.8 = 5KVA (regulator power), here divided by 0.8 is placed regulator work margin, 5KVA / 0.8 = 6.25KVA (need to buy the regulator power), here divided by 0.8 is the regulator The actual carrying capacity is only 80%. That is, 2KW of air conditioning with a 6KVA voltage regulator is calculated in this way.


How to install the air conditioning regulator?


Voltage stabilizer for air conditioner plug into the home socket above, the air conditioner plugs into the socket behind the regulator. If the automatic voltage stabilizer does not need to be adjusted, the manual voltage stabilizer also needs to adjust the output voltage to 220V.


In fact, in the case of unstable voltage on the external network, we use the air conditioning voltage stabilizer is very effective. For the air conditioning regulator, many friends may not understand very thoroughly, such as on its purchase and related installation issues, the above have relevant information, I believe that after reading you should be able to understand it!

Voltage stabilizer for air conditioner