The role and application of AC voltage stabilizer
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The role and application of AC voltage stabilizer

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The role AC voltage stabilizer is a kind of power supply equipment that can automatically adjust the output voltage. The role of an AC voltage stabilizer is to stabilize the power supply voltage that fluctuates and fails to meet the requirements of electrical equipment in its set value range so that various circuits or electrical equipment can work normally at the rated working voltage.


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AC voltage stabilizer

The role of the AC voltage regulator

The role of the AC voltage stabilizer is, in its maximum output power range, the continuous, stable output of constant voltage (voltage or in a certain range of fluctuations) and current, to ensure the normal work of electrical appliances. With the rapid progress of society, the use of electrical equipment is increasing day by day, in the power transmission and distribution facilities aging and development lag, as well as poor design and power supply and other reasons caused by unstable voltage, or high or low, and the range is too wide. And we are now using a variety of loads, not least of which are some larger inductive, capacitive, switching power supply and other loads not only from the grid to obtain power, but also on the grid itself, deteriorating the grid or local grid power supply quality, resulting in utility voltage waveform distortion or frequency drift. In addition unexpected natural and man-made accidents, such as earthquakes, lightning strikes, transmission and substation system disconnections, or short circuits, can endanger the normal supply of power and thus affect the normal operation of the load. Unstable voltage can cause fatal injury or misoperation of equipment, affect production, cause delays in delivery, unstable quality, and many other losses. AC voltage stabilizer has a superb power stabilization effect, to ensure that appliances can work very stable. And can be low-voltage 120-160V or high-voltage 250-270V voltage stabilization between 200-230V, while also ensuring that appliances can work normally. In the case of emergency power outages and sudden incoming calls, voltage regulators can usually be delayed 5-8 minutes to start the output power, which can better avoid the high voltage so that appliances are damaged by the situation. AC voltage regulators can not only ensure the safety of electrical appliances and effectively reduce the power consumption of electrical equipment. In the event of insufficient power supply or insufficient voltage, AC voltage regulators can supply the most reliable power security.


Application of voltage stabilizer

AC voltage stabilizer can be widely used in: industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, railroads, construction sites, schools, hospitals, post and telecommunications, hotels, scientific research, and other departments of monitoring equipment, precision machine tools, computer tomography(CT), precision instruments, test equipment, elevator lighting, imported equipment and production lines and other places that require power stabilization voltage; also applied to the power supply voltage is too low or too high, fluctuations at the end of the low-voltage distribution network users and load changes in power equipment, especially for all the requirements of the grid waveform high voltage stabilization of power places.


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