PC-TLR5000VA-15KVA 12K A/C AVR Relay Control Voltage Regulator
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PC-TLR5000VA-15KVA 12K A/C AVR Relay Control Voltage Regulator

  • PC-TLR3000VA-15000VA
  • TTN
  • 8504401990

Product Description

1.PC-TLR series Relay control voltage Regulator has the low energy consumption,the over voltage protection,the low voltage protection,the over-current protection,the over-loading protection,the over-temperature protection and so on.It boasts for many kinds of protections,the collection energy conservation and the environmental protection ect.This is a brand-new concept product which has many new technologies!This series products already have been applied for many household electric appliances

 We already applied many kinds of this products patent, and the technical patent NO: 200720036394.1 and Appearance paten NO: 200730025909.3

2.PC-TLR series Relay control voltage Regulator Use For Equipment:


   Test equipment

   Light system

   Safe alarm system

   Ray equipment

   Medical equipment

   Copy machine

   Stereo equipment

   Numerical control machine tools

   Industrial automation equipment

   Color and drying equipment

   Test equipment

   Hi-Fi equipment

3.PC-TLR series Relay control voltage Regulator Performace


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