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New Products S series voltage stabilizer

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S series copywriting

1, static (Static) - no mechanical loss, long life;

2, speed (Speed) - response speed  2.5ms;

3. Silent -  work without noise(no relay switching, no motor rotation);

4, Stable - Transformer technology innovation, stable carrying capacity;

5, Smart (Smart) - real-time sampling, intelligent calculating, system control;

6, Safe (Safe) - delay, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, over temperature, short circuit and other protection functions, all-round protection of electrical equipment safety;


The company mainly produces the solar panel/ voltage stabilizer/regulator /AVR, ,UPS,Power Supply Switch,Power Inverter ,Solar System and so on.All together there are more than 10 kinds of "TTN""TINGLANG" and"tecshell"series products.


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