How to use the voltage stabilizer?
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How to use the voltage stabilizer?

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How to use the voltage stabilizer?

When we purchase a voltage stabilizer, how it should be used, first of all, according to the power of the voltage regulator purchased, can be calculated by 0.75 square millimeters per kilowatt, choose the appropriate wire to connect the input and output of the regulator. The following is a detailed description.


Here is the content list:

voltage stabilizer

l Voltage regulator switch

l The voltage regulator insurance device

l Voltage regulator over-voltage protection


Voltage regulator switch

Turn on the voltage stabilizer switch, the panel output voltage meter should indicate 220V, while the panel power indicator light, that the regulator has been working properly if you need to adjust the voltage, please adjust the machine circuit board voltage potentiometer, clockwise adjustment of the output voltage increases, counterclockwise adjustment of the output voltage decreases (please close the load when adjusting).


The voltage regulator insurance device

3KVA voltage stabilizer below the fuse for overload or short-circuit protection, more than 5KVA AC voltage stabilizer with a small circuit breaker or small air switch as overload or short-circuit protection, in the regulator work, such as a blown fuse or automatic air circuit breaker tripped, should be shut down to check the load and regulator.


Voltage regulator over-voltage protection

When the output voltage exceeds the regulator protection value (factory-adjusted phase voltage protection value of 250V ± 5V), the regulator automatically protects, reduce or cut off the regulator output voltage, while the overvoltage indicator light is on, the user should immediately shut down to check the grid voltage or regulator. Voltage stabilizer work, such as output voltage jitter phenomenon, maybe capacitive or inductive load is too heavy, the user can adjust the gear of the switch on the circuit board in the chassis to eliminate the jitter phenomenon (please close the load when adjusting), the machine is shipped, the switch is in a normal state, the user does not trespass. If you can not eliminate the jitter phenomenon, maybe the input grid line resistance is too large or input waveform distortion caused by serious, please check the gridline diameter and connection point quality and solve. If the regulator has been in the overvoltage protection state after the start, please check whether the regulator potentiometer is adjusted properly and whether the grid voltage is beyond the regulator's normal working voltage range. Close the regulator switch, the output voltage is stable, and then open the power equipment, shut down, and according to the reverse procedure.


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