How to buy a home voltage stabilizer?
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How to buy a home voltage stabilizer?

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Now many families are not very stable voltage, this time you need to buy a voltage stabilizer to use, many friends buy before not understand the voltage regulator, casually bought a, after receiving the goods found that the regulator bought small, power is not enough to use, resulting in the need to return the replacement, resulting in unnecessary shipping costs, a waste of time and money. Here is to explain how to properly purchase a home voltage stabilizer.


Here is the content list:

l Determine the voltage jump range

l Determine the voltage regulator power

l Selection of automatic voltage regulation

l Choose to buy three times the power of the regulator

home voltage stabilizer


Determine the voltage jump range

Please determine the range of your voltage jump with 220V and the frequency, and then buy a voltage stabilizer. For example, the voltage at home is pulled to about 80V, while the input range of your voltage regulator is 140V-230V, which must not work. Therefore, should be used depending on the environment of the power supply range to buy regulators. It is recommended to choose a broadband voltage regulator


Determine the voltage regulator power

Power rating Please determine the total power of the equipment you need to regulate. When selecting a voltage stabilizer your regulator power should ideally be 30% higher than the total power of all equipment. You should know that the heat generated by a full load will increase component losses, and if overload operation, the required current is too high and the voltage will inevitably be pulled down.


Selection of automatic voltage regulation

Automatic voltage stabilizer function in the purchase of voltage regulator is to try to choose the automatic voltage regulation function, although the price may be slightly higher, but always more cost-effective than the economic losses brought about by the burning of your machine.


Choose to buy three times the power of the regulator

When buying a home voltage stabilizer, we recommend that you buy three times more power than the actual regulator, because in the actual work to overcome the surge impact of the mains and inductive load start shock (such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.), check the appearance of quality and processing, buttons, switches, and other operations are flexible and reliable. Reasonable selection of the total rated output of the automatic regulator, the total capacity = total power of household appliances * 3.


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