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Home and servo voltage stabilizer information introduce

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Voltage stabilizer has a waveform without distortion, high efficiency, reliable performance, long-term operation, etc. A voltage stabilizer with a short delay, overvoltage, and other protection functions, according to the needs of users can add long delay and under-voltage protection functions. Voltage regulator products, a wide range of specifications, the appearance of beauty, and other advantages. The following details of home voltage stabilizers and servo voltage stabilizers.


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l Home voltage stabilizer

l Servo AC voltage stabilizer

Voltage Stabilizer


Home voltage stabilizer

Home voltage stabilizer's role is to fluctuate and does not meet the requirements of electrical equipment power supply voltage stability in its set value range so that a variety of circuits or electrical equipment can work normally under the rated voltage. Series AC automatic regulator, by the contact autotransformer, servo motor, automatic control circuit, etc., when the grid voltage is unstable or load changes, automatic sampling regulator control circuit to send a signal to drive the servo motor, adjust the position of the autotransformer carbon brush so that the regulator output voltage is adjusted to the rated value and reach a stable state. The series voltage stabilizer can be widely used in any place with electricity, is an ideal voltage stabilization power supply (regulator), to ensure the normal operation of your power equipment.


Servo voltage stabilizer

Servo voltage stabilizer, characterized by the regulator has an automatic return circuit, the circuit in turn by the sampling transformer, rectifier circuit, small-time constant filter circuit, voltage divider circuit, op-amp, driver circuit, relay, energy storage circuit when the input utility is lower than 200V and shutdown or power failure, the brush returns to the position of 260V near the wire pack, when the input utility is higher than 200V, regardless. When the input utility power is higher than 200V, the brush will stop in the state before the shutdown, regardless of shutdown or blackout. As a result of setting up an intelligent automatic return circuit, completely solve the problem of high current when the power is turned on, extending the service life of the regulator. Servo regulator core is an AC regulating transformer (autotransformer), controlled by a control circuit to control a servo motor, drive the regulator for automatic voltage adjustment. (maintain the output voltage 220v)


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